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History of a society


In 1972, the Japan Society of Implant Dentistry and the Japan Academy of Implant Dentistry were established, and they respectively engaged in activities for 14 years.


Considering the remarkable progress of oral implantology in the world, it became urgently necessary to pursue promotion and improvement of oral implantology in Japan, and to introduce strongly predicted and safe implant treatment technology into the dentistry world. As such, aiming for significant and smooth progress of oral implantology in Japan, the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology was newly inaugurated in 1986, through much effort, by combining the two earlier-mentioned Societies.

Main Activities since the Establishment

At the beginning of the establishment of the Society, clinicians were the main members, but the composition rate of members from departments of dentistry of universities, dental colleges, dental/oral surgery departments of medical schools, etc., throughout Japan, gradually increased, and the number of members is showing a remarkably increasing tendency. The present number of regular members exceeds 5,000. This Society conducts an annual general meeting/academic convention, many general lectures, special lectures, educational lectures, symposiums, etc., to improve members’ knowledge and techniques. Also, for oral implant treatment, cooperation by coworkers is essential, so dental hygienist sessions and dental technician sessions are given at academic conventions, for them to study and master knowledge and skills. Further, public citizens’ forums are also conducted, aiming to gain understanding from society and promote spreading of this field.
As to the Society publication, the Journal of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology newly began publishing twice a year in 1988, by integrating the “Journal of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology” and “Dental Implant,” which were issued before merging of the two Societies. Since 1997, the Journal has been issued quarterly. The editorial committee conducts evaluation-reading and editing of theses, through a strict system of evaluation by committee members, with participation also by outside evaluators who are specialized in technical areas.

The Society is divided into six branches nationwide, and branch academic conventions, and workshops at designated training facilities, are conducted, aiming to improve knowledge and techniques on oral implantation in respective regions, and to enlighten local dentists about oral implantology. Further, over 60% of the members of this Society belong to the Japan Dental Association, and they are active as responsible persons in regional dental service, not only in oral implantation but also in general dentistry.

Moreover, in 2002, we clarified the structure and management content of the Society, and implemented a large-scale new structural reform so that the board of directors, the board of executive directors, etc., can function more smoothly and democratically.

In addition, the Society has a preceptor and doctor certification system, aiming to foster dentists who have wide knowledge and advanced technical skills on oral implantology, and to contribute to progress and improvement of oral implant treatment, as well as to citizens’ welfare. As to respective qualification certifications, we conduct examination on performance and cases, and screening by fair and strict oral and written testing, based on the doctor certification system regulations stipulated by the Society.