Message from the President of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

Message from the Society President

Ryuji Hosokawa DDS, PhD
Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

I was appointed President of the Society in June 2022, succeeding President Miyazaki. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to you. My term in office is for two years, and I intend to serve in unity with the board members for the development of the association. I appreciate your support.

Under the leadership of former President Miyazaki, the Society has grown and developed into one of the largest specialty subcommittees of the Japanese Association for Dental Science, both in name and reality. The goals of the Executive Committee for this term are naturally to further improve member services and contribute to society through members’ activities as an association that is for public interest. Above all, we intend to work on the establishment of a new, advertisable accreditation of the specialty in implant dentistry that will be reviewed and approved by the Japanese Dental Specialty Board.

Although the Society is a public interest incorporated association, it conducts various activities as an academic organization. As a medical academic organization, its main activities include holding academic conferences, publishing journals, and administering a system for certifying the expertise of its members. For scientific conferences, we would like to schedule appealing programs so that as many members as possible can participate, and we would like to enhance online environments, which have become more widespread due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to facilitate the participation of our members. The Society also publishes the Journal of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology (JJSOI) and International Journal of Implant Dentistry (IJID) as academic journals. JJSOI is intended for domestic readership, and we strive to facilitate the submission of clinical research and case reports by society members, as well as provide useful information to members by publishing review articles and commentary papers. IJID is an international journal and we will make every effort to reduce the burden on contributors by subsidizing submission fees and maintaining as high an impact factor as possible. As for the certification system, we would like to maintain the certification system established by the Society, while making efforts to enable as many members as possible to obtain accreditation as specialists in implant dentistry certified by the Japanese Dental Specialty Board, aiming to contribute to the improvement of public dental health.

Last year, the 51st Annual Meeting was held in Hiroshima under the theme of “Implant Therapy: The Past 50 Years and the Next 50 Years” and the sub-theme of “Future Health Supported by Dental Implants” under the direction of Dr. Kazuhiro Tsuga (Hiroshima University). Although held on a different date than initially scheduled, and online, it was a successful conference with many participants. This year's 52nd Annual Meeting (Nagoya),

has the theme “Oral Implant Therapy Trusted by the Public” and sub-theme “Exploration of Knowledge and Techniques Beyond the Times” under the chairmanship of Dr. Hiroshi Murakami (Aichi Gakuin University) and will demonstrate a commitment to further explore oral implant therapy, which is the result of dental knowledge and techniques. We hope that many of our members will gather in Nagoya for a lively discussion.